Speeding up your Web Browsing

If you are experiencing a slow and sluggish internet than you must find out the mothods to make your browsing fast and convert you experience into a good one. First of all make sure that you have a system which is free from virus , bugs and trojan horses. This is becuase virus can steal information from your PC and thus transfer files which will result in speed reduction. So your antivirus have to be upto date and computer must be scanned to remove such bugs. Also you have to have a good computer (fast and latest) .

You must also clean you cache to delete unwanted cookies. Also make sure that you have the fast home or office network. Then you have to make sure that you get DSL , Cable or Satellite interent which is very fast compared to dial up interent. Last think is that sometimes the problems lies on the other side from which the data is coming so the problem is not always not on your side but some times websites can be slow too. So if you are feeling that you browsing is slow then try browsing other sites. If other sites are loading well then you interenet connection is infact good